Natural Rubber Yoga Mat-5mm

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat-5mm


Size: 183cm*68cm

Thickness: 5mm 

Material: PU+Natural rubber


● - No Sliding and No Slipping: Excellent PU & Rubber surface with exceptional materials that absorb sweat quickly and also provides you with No Sliding, Bottom layer with designed non-slip patterns that does not SLIP on the floor and at the same time supports you with strong cushioning.

● - Gilding Pattern: Exquisite gilding design, no fade, this mat is optimal combination of cushioning and stability, you can enjoy the exercise, the exquisite and unique design also shows your unique taste.

● - Easy to Clean: Our exercise mat is easy to keep clean and fresh for your next workout. Use a mix of gentle soap and water, wipe clean, and hang it to dry. Perfectly fit for your hot yoga, pilates, ashtanga.

● -This premium quality mat is perfect for beginners and advanced yogis.

  • Care Instruction

    1) If you use massage oils or body lotions, please shower before practicing yoga.
    3) Please avoid all yoga mat sprays, washes, and soaps made with ‘essential oils’, tea tree oil, etc. Some oils, by definition, cause slipperiness or corrode rubber.
    4) Please do not put in a washing machine.
    5) Please do not use harsh chemical cleaners or abrasives.

    FOR DAILY CLEANINGS: wipe with a soft cloth and water.

    1) PLEASE WASH with a minimal amount of mild soap OR a 50/50 mix of organic cider vinegar and water (1/4 cup combined). Simple soaps like Ivory are best. ‘Moisturizing’ soaps, organic soaps, essential oil soaps may cause slipperiness and be hard to rinse.
    2) PLEASE RINSE thoroughly (but please never soak). Rubber is very sponge-like. Minimal amounts of soap will make rinsing easier. The vinegar wash is easier to rinse than soap. A soapy mat will be slippery.
    3) PLEASE AIR DRY your mat IN THE SHADE. Drying may take 24-48 hours.

    The main reasons why yogis report slipperiness are:
    1) Wiping ‘essential oils’ on yoga mats. Some oils cause slipperiness.
    2) Leaving soap in the mat after washing.
    3) Accumulation of skin lotions and massage oils on mat over time.

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