Natural Cork Yoga Block

Natural Cork Yoga Block


The cork block provides the perfect smooth sitting base to assist with your yoga practice. If you need a little extra help finding good alignment in those forward and side bends, then this is the perfect support for you. 


The Octagon bricks featuring FOUR different heights for maximum versatility!

Its angled design allows you to use it flat or diagonally. This design opens up amazing new possibilities - like using against a wall or giving you stability and height when the floor seems so far away.



  • 22.8cm*15cm*7.5cm with extra weight 800g
  • 100% natural cork
  • Strong, sturdy, non slip and comfortable on your buttocks!
  • Does not distort under your bodyweight or cause damage to floors and toes
  • Great to use as pairs
  • Care Instruction

    For cork blocks and wedges, use a wet cloth to remain any prominent stains. If needed, use an organic cleanser to further remove stains from the surface.

    Watch what chemicals you use on cork, for some will degrade the material or texture. Stick to organic cleaners to maintain the quality of your cork products.

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