Day 17 Waning Gibbous

In the days after full moon, you may not find the moon. At this time, the moon is in a waning gibbous phase: less than full but more than half-lighted. A full moon rises at sunset, but a waning gibbous moon rises later at night and appears in the morning sky. You’ll often see the waning gibbous moon in the west in early morning, floating against the pale blue sky.

During this time you should be reaping the benefits of your hard work over the past two weeks, and might be feeling happy, healthy, full of love and appreciation, and want to share that positive energy.

Pay attention to the feelings whatever you have from today and embrace them as they are.

Retreat Agenda:

  1. Meditation for Gratitude, morning and evening. You may start to enjoy the benefit from daily meditation.

  2. Practice Heart opening Yoga any time during the day to create space for the gratitude. Use the guide

  3. Time to treat yourself again! Try to make some healthy snacks for yourself for thanking you take this way that far. Recipe here

Use the agenda to guide you today, but never feel bad if you won’t be able to follow.

May you be happy! May all beings be happy! See you tomorrow!

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