Day 14 Waxing Gibbous

One more day till full-moon, Period convex moon prepares you for the collection of “Harvest” – results of completed or pending affairs of the first half of the lunar month. Full moon days are different emotional tension and mood swings. Moreover, the full moon days are marked insomnia, aggravation of neurological disorders, increase in the number of accidents. So, today let’s relax, listen to music, meditate in silence…

Pay attention to the feelings whatever you have from today and embrace them as they are.

Retreat Agenda:

  1. Yin Yoga for a meditative mind in the morning or in the evening.

  2. Relax in music for cleansing and balancing. Listen here.

  3. Prepare for a light eating or fasting full-moon to detox. Fruit and Vegetable Diet Tips.

Use the agenda to guide you today, but never feel bad if you won’t be able to follow.

May you be happy! May all beings be happy! See you tomorrow!

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