Day 13 Waxing Gibbous

Life force is gradually approaching its peak.  This is a time of great emotional sensitivity, resulting in people are in need of emotional contact, painfully react to indifference. You can begin to act but it is better to speak less. You may tend to self-expression. Watch your emotional state. What do you feel? Panic or anxiety?

Pay attention to the feelings whatever you have from today and embrace them as they are.

Retreat Agenda:

  1. Meditate 10min in the morning and 10 mins in the evening.

  2. Practice Yoga for total Spine Strengthening any time during the day to feel the expansion of the body today.

  3. Use Yoga Nidra to put yourself into a good rest. 30min sound bath and yoga nidra here.

Use the agenda to guide you today, but never feel bad if you won’t be able to follow. If you are confident and productive work, the fruits of your efforts will not keep you waiting.

May you be happy! May all beings be happy! See you tomorrow!

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