Day 1-The New Moon

New moon start from today. It is when the sun and the moon are on the same side of the Earth. Because the sun is not facing the moon, from our perspective on Earth, it looks like the dark side of the moon is facing us. Tonight the moonlight at night will be weak, which may indicate the energy available to us is low. You may find yourself feeling introverted for no reason, or calm and maybe anti-social. If you are not feeling them, it’s ok too. Pay attention to the feelings whatever you have from today and embrace them as they are.

Retreat Agenda:

  1. Meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and also 15 minutes at night. (go ahead with your own meditation practice, or if you would like a guided one)

  2. Make it a “Fasting” day for 24 hours, if that is part of your practice. (It’s easier than you thought, some tips here). Or consume more fluids than solid food today to flushes out the toxins and provides a detoxifying effect. Detox tea Recipe Here

  3. Yin Yoga practice any time of the day (1-2 hours after eat) to relax and let go.

Use the agenda to guide you today, but never feel bad if you won’t be able to follow. New moon makes us more introspective. It is good time to think about “What to let go of in my life?” , and acknowledge that a new moon cycle starts now.

May you be happy! May all beings be happy! See you tomorrow!

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