Family Mindfulness Retreat

Suitable Children's Age: 8-15 years old

when we're aware of the present moment, and can attend to the moment without judgment for ourselves or others, we cultivate a calmer and happier brain, body, and mind, then it is really in a state of creation. Our family mindfulness retreat program will help your family to calm the mind, unlock creativity,  and create a beautiful connection in life.


Mini-meditation Course

Anapana meditation mini-course is specifically designed to meet children's interests.  It is an invaluable technique from ancient India. It provides a tool to deal with the fears, anxieties, and pressures across all age groups.

Family Creativity Workshop

Transform plastic bottles and rubber tires into amazing artistic jewelry.  Dance and face painting to remove the limitation of the mind, build connection within, and have fun together!  It's an experience of ecstatic and transformation. 

Non-Violence Clean Eating 

Our food provider Plant-based food service by Uguisu Sabou, are the specialty in healthy and clean eating.  And we will celebrate together with a full-course Vegan dinner at Tertulia Restaurant in Kampot downtown.



  • 14:00 Check-in

  • 16:00 Tea and Fruit

  • 17:00 Anapana meditation (1)

  • 18:00 Dinner


  • 8:00 Anapana meditation (2)

  • 8:30  Juice and Snacks

  • 9:00 Upcycling Jewelry Making

  • 11:30 Brunch

  • 13:00 The Dance of Nature

  • 16:00 Tea and Fruit

  • 17:00 Anapana meditation (3)

  • 18:00 Special Vegan Dinner


  • 8:00 Anapana meditation (4)

  • 9:00 Juice and Snacks

  • 9:30 Free time / Kayaking (Optional)

  • 11:30 Brunch

  • 14:00 Check-out

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Meet The Team

  • 123564338_480772022831174_81173585200874


    Host/ Yoga Instructor

    The founder  and manager of RedForest Retreat, Cambodia. She has 10 years Corperate management experience. Her passion is to create retreat experience that will inspire the life long practice.

  • 46495938_10155963579805496_3196065167032


    Workshop Instructor

    She is from Holland, having a Degree in Cognitive Social Behaviour Therapies, Social Pedagogy, Counselling, Coaching and Social work.

    She is a Creative Globetrotter.

  • yoganwine-6823 2.jpg

    Uguisu Sabou

    Plant-based Food Servce

    Japanese fusion Plant-based restaurant with local crops. They use all-natural fresh ingredients. They provide no-chemical, balance nutritious meals for the retreat.

  • 86757086_2739538646126473_74606182233570

    Tertúlia Kampot

    Special Vegan Dinner Restaurant

    Tertúlia - the food corner - is Portuguese restaurant in Kampot. They design and created a full-course Vegan dinner dedicate for the retreat.

Adult $180 |Child $120

3 Days 2 Nights

 🛌Private room with shared bathroom 
☯︎ Anapana meditation mini-course (☓4)
👩‍🎨Creativity Workshops  (☓2)
☀︎Juice and snacks
🍴Meals (☓3)
♨︎ Tea and fruits

 🍽Special vegan dinner

Adult $180 |Child $120

One Day (Saturday)

☯︎ Anapana meditation 

👩‍🎨Creativity Workshops  (☓2)
☀︎Juice and snacks
🍴Brunch (☓1)
♨︎ Tea and fruits

 🍽Special vegan dinner

Adult $75 | Child $60

Family Mindfulness Retreat
Dec 25, 2020, 2:00 PM
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