Plant Shadow

Retreat to the Present.


Sometimes all one needs is a beckoning call to wonder into tranquility.

There is a rhythm within us, a rhythm that we are born with. Our rhythms are so different individually, yet they have the same name, the present. A well-lived life is a life of beauty, vibrant, and balance at each present moment. To find out our rhythm, to retreat to the present is our approach to well-being, which we believe is the path to harmony.

A Respite From the Crowd

A retreat is a respite from the crowded life.  It is not a destination. It is an ongoing experience that lives in the present within and outside of being physically here. It is an invitation into the rhythm of rest and renewal.

meditation in the retreat house

The retreat house is a hidden gem in the countryside of Cambodia where meditation, yoga, and breeze can be practiced.

Our intention, our desire, has always been to be small. It is to be intimate and somewhat private. Our retreat was never created for the crowd or the masses. We want to serve those who are ready for this inward journey. This is not a spirit of exclusion. It is, however, a spirit of intentionality. 

Practice and All is Coming