Retreat is an inward journey.

A well-lived life is a life filled with beauty, not just external beauty but inner beauty as well; a life of harmony and vibrant.

Retreat offers a respite from the crowd; a journey inward, to see our harmonious life as it is.

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Breathe... Relax... Aware

Our intention has always been to be small and somewhat private. In this way, it is easier, more effective, and more enjoyable to breathe, relax, look inward, and be aware. It is a place we have dreamed so much that we care to share. 

Retreat Experience

There is a rhythm within each of us. It is a rhythm that we are born with.  To find out or bring back to our rhythm is our approach to well-being, which we believe is the path to harmony. We embrace Yoga, Meditation, and Silence in our retreat experience. It is an invitation into the rhythm of rest and renewal.


Yogi Shop

A collection to help you nourish the body and mind, but most importantly, sparking joy for the journey.

Free shipping in Cambodia for orders over $35. Yoga studios wholesale available as well.

RedForest retreat is held in a beautiful Khmer house by the river just outside Kampot town. What a sanctuary the house was, set out in beautiful soothing nature. Dana was a fantastic host and had lots of knowledge of the area and very helpful. I would highly recommend your stay at RedForest retreat and would love to return to the house with Dana, it was so restorative. A perfect setting for a yoga retreat.


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